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The Ride  (Solo Riders – Team Riders – Relay Riders)

Mr England, the Official Ride Starter, starting the event at Land's EndWe all know how healthy, popular and rewarding cycling can be and the Great British Bike Ride will be all of these things and more. An excellent route has been prepared, all arrangements and logistics have been taken care of and we aim to ensure that everybody has a rewarding and enjoyable time. However, as in all great achievements in life there is a price to pay; preparation for this event is vital to your success. Training will be demanding and time-consuming with considerable dedication, effort and commitment needed before you even get to the start in Scotland .

That saidwe intend to make the event as pleasurable and as much fun as we can whilst at the same time giving all riders a great sense of achievement in successfully completing the fifth Great British Bike Ride (to ensure your enjoyment and success (please check out our ‘Preparing for the GBBR‘ page).

Once on the road, you and your team will be able to focus totally on the task ahead and enjoy the ride, all you need is your bike and helmet. Your accommodation is arranged, all your kit and baggage will be transported daily and all food and drink will be provided. The hotels will be friendly and relaxed and will be ideal places to recover from your exertions and prepare for the next day’s ride.

 Over Night Accommodation

At the end of each day, you’ll arrive at our specially selected accommodation where all the facilities you need will be available. At the hotels/centres you will be able to shower, relax, chat with other competitors and enjoy good food, drink and relaxation. All accommodation is on a twin room basis and you will be sharing with like minded people who are on the ride. If you would like to share with a friend then please let us know. 

You will be able to store your bikes safely, with  a bike mechanic available to attend and fix any problems. A First Aider will be on hand for any injuries that need attending. All the event staff will be with you all the way – behind you and in front, transporting your bags and any extra equipment that we may need.

The accommodation is on the route so you won’t have to cycle extra unnecessary miles just to get to them. All the accommodation has been selected for their space, security and facilities. The only night we re not staying in a hotel is in Carmarthen, Wales, where we will,be staying in the fantastic Halliwell Centre which is part of Carmarthen University.

The over night stops are: Cairndale Hotel, Dumfries, Scotland – North West Hotel, Clairnryan, Scotland, The d Hotel, Droheda, Ireland – Seven Oakes Hotol, Carlow, Ireland – Whites of Wexford Hotel, Ireland – Halliwell Centre, Carmarthen, Wales – Hilton Hotel, Newport, Wales Hilton Hotel (Centre) Newbury England. The Lensbury Club, Teddington, England.

Daily Stages

The Great Britain and Ireland Bike Ride will take place during the day on public roads. The route has taken many months to put together so you can be guaranteed a great ride. Each of the days will differ slightly in mileage, but on average you will be cycling eighty miles per day with clearly marked, pit stops en route. All riders will be expected to comply with the Highway Code and observe road signs. Please show courtesy to other road users at all time, especially local residents. (Please check out our ‘Rules for Cyclists‘ page)

Each day, all Riders will meet at the daily start point at 06:45hrs for the official stage start at 07:00hrs. Once under way, you’ll follow the pre planned route clearly marked with well displayed signs. There will also be highly experienced outriders cycling with you. They’ll deal with any problems and help to keep everyone on the correct route. There will be event signs along the route, and support vehicles close by. Our support teams (route marshals, bike mechanics, motorbike safety outriders, pit stop staff and volunteers) will also be in attendance.

Food & Drink

A delicious freshly cooked breakfast will be served every morning, which will get the fuel tanks ready for the big day ahead. Specially prepared lunches and drinks will be available at the pit stops on route. Dinner will be served from 18:0hrs.(approx)

Pit Stops

We intend to make The Britain and Ireland Bike Ride one of the best events in the country and we aim to keep everybody happy and satisfied. There will be a minimum of two/three well-signposted pit stops every day, with food, drinks, toilets, first aid kits, and where possible bike mechanics ready and waiting.

Each pit stop will be clearly signposted on the route. All riders will be required to stop at the pit stops – after approx 20-30 miles cycling, we think you’ll appreciate our well run relaxing pit stops.

Rider & Team Numbers

You’ll be given your own individual rider number. Once you have been allocated a number we will immediately be able to identify you if you need to call The Great Britain and Ireland Bike Ride event office.


We will need up to ten keen and fit people who want to have fun and at the same time help us make the Great Britain and Ireland Bike Ride a real winner and raise thousands of pounds for the riders benefiting charities.

Volunteers will have to be available for the ten days of the event, to help us prepare for an event that promises to be filled with fun and excitement all the way to Twickenham.
We are looking for Drivers, Route Marshall’s, First Aiders, Masseurs, Administrators,Pit Stop crew.

All accommodation and food will be provided and any out of pocket expenses will be paid to all volunteers that get selected.

View our Rules & Regulations

This is where you’ll find all the important information that you will need to know if you want to take part in The Great Britain and Ireland Bike Ride.

You also need to follow The Great Britain and Ireland Bike Ride rules and regulations to take part in the event. If you have any questions, please give us a call. You can see our rules & regs by clicking here.

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