Transport Options and Bike Transfer to Dumfries, Scotland

Bicycle Transport to Dumfries – £30.00 – Thursday, August 25, 2016

Riders using this service will be able to drop their bikes off at The Lensbury Hotel,Teddington Lock, Middlesex, TW11 9NU. They will then be transported to our hotel in Scotland by truck which is fully insured for all your equipment. Your bikes will be stored safely until your arrival. Please make sure that your rider number is attached in the correct place on your handle bars.The truck will be at the pick up point from 06:00hrs and will leave at 07:00hrs not a second before or second after. If you would like to use this service then please see below.

Executive Coach to Dumfries — £70.00  – Thursday, August 25, 2016

The executive coach will take you and your luggage from The Lensbury Club, Teddington, Middlesex, Twickenham, TW11 9NU to the Cairndale Hotel, Dumfries. The Executive coach will drop you directly at the hotel which is our first night stop and the start point. The journey time is anticipated to be eight hours (approx) including the stops. The coach will be hosted by Mr England and will have air conditioning, toilets and the chance to purchase cold drinks, tea and coffee etc on board. We will need 40 riders to use this service to make it work financially.If you would like to use this service then please see below

Bike and Luggage only to Dumfries, Scotland – £40.00

If you would like to catch the train to Dumfries and not have the worry of your bike and luggage you can use the luggage and bike service only without taking the coach. Please make sure that your rider number is securely fixed to your bag and bike in the correct places. Your bikes and luggage will be delivered safely to the hotel for your arrival. You will need to drop your bike and luggage off before 06:30hrs on August 25 or you can drop them off the night before at the hotel if you wish. If you would like to use this service then please see below

If you would like to add these options to your existing entry, please go back to your registration on Active Network and complete the transport options.

Please make sure that you enter your ID Number as given to you on your registration.

Trains from London Euston to Dumfries, Scotland.

The best train times are; depart 09:30hrs -arrive at 13:49hrs or depart 11;30hrs – arrive 15;49. There are various other times so please check with the train company’s. The journey time can be from 4 hours to 5 hours with one stop in Carlisle and the prices can be from £28.00 to £230.00.  If you are considering using the train it is better to book as early as you can to save money. Please remember that certain train company’s will only allow a certain amount of bikes on any one train at any one time, so please check. You can always use the bike and luggage transfer service and get the train if you wish.

Car Parking at The Lensbury Hotel: Cost £20.00 (Hotel Charge)

Ten day parking at the Lensbury Hotel is available. if required you will need to book directly with the event office by email.  Your vehicle will be safe and ready to pick up on your completion of the event.

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